A combination of flexibility and security!

Are you looking for a job and perspective?

Then you are in the right place at JOB-werk.

We offer you, as our potential employees, the opportunity to get to know different companies based on your professional knowledge and skills and thus gradually gain the necessary experience and competence.
At the same time, we are not limited to the local or, for example, German market, but we will also allow you to apply in Austria and Scandinavia, which means a chance of higher earnings. Together with you, we will find suitable job providers in places that will suit you, and we will help you in your search for a job in other respects as well.
Of course, we are also looking for workers with many years of experience at work – i.e. that even older job seekers are not a problem for us. On the contrary, we value such a valuable enrichment of our team of co-workers.
At the same time, thanks to the membership of our company in the relevant professional associations (e.g. within German-speaking countries), we guarantee you adequate working and social conditions as well as wages based on industry tariffs. We know that only satisfied workers are also reliable workers with the necessary zeal for the cause.
Would you also like to secure a varied and interesting future on the labor market? Then we can combine your wishes for sure with our demands for the necessary quality in the field of temporary work.

Contact us we look forward to seeing you.