Effective solution of temporary workforce

Increasing labor market mobility and seasonal peaks in deployment often require highly skilled workers. With JOB-werk, with us, you can face similar challenges in peace.

We will thoroughly analyze your requirements and take over the selection of new staff with the utmost care and professionalism. You will save your time, avoid personal ties and you can fully focus on the essence of your business. Your existing employees will receive effective temporary support and they will not overloaded for a short time. Your needs for additional (additional) staff are covered at any time. If you would like to use our services in the field of personnel management, please let us know your requirements.

As a long-term member of professional associations of personal service providers (mainly in German-speaking countries), we pay attention to social responsibility and guarantee our employees a salary according to current tariffs, depending on the specific field. We know that only sufficiently motivated employees will perform the best for our customers.

Two-stage selection of employees:

  • Step 1 - thorough evaluation of all documents of the candidate, 
    Step 2 – subsequent test of professional knowledge and skills
  • We are able to take over exclusively the entire workforce contract based on the compliance of personnel requirements with the qualifications of our employees

    We will provide the necessary medical preliminary examinations in relation to the required work

    According to specific wishes, we will offer you a crowd of your employees in case of their illness or unexpected other outage

    Our employees are bound by an employment contract with us, which, among other things, guarantees the protection of your data If, despite expectations, you are not satisfied with one of our employees, you can of course request its replacement
    Continuous quality control using follow-up questionnaires for contracting authorities


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